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Is This The Program For You?

This program is for you if: 

You have reached a point in your life where you need to make some big changes, and you are unhappy with your weight.

You are finding things are getting harder and harder to do.

You keep falling off the diet wagon and regain any lost weight, plus more.

You want to lose weight, but don't know how.

You are constantly hungry and crave your favourite foods.

Your health is starting to suffer.

This program is for you if: 

You have reached your "it's now or never" moment. 

What is that moment for you?

Do you struggle to tie your shoelaces?

Is it getting harder to reach the tricky places when bathing?

Do you easily become short of breath?

Do you avoid walking, do you avoid the stairs?

Is it a struggle to just get out of bed?

Are you in pain and worried about what your future looks like?

Is your weight holding you back from enjoying your life?

Or, you may be scared that a chair might not hold your weight and it will break?  

  That was one of my fears, only it did happen to me.. on three separate occasions, and in public. 

Here's the thing.  I know what all that feels like and more.  

I remember my fears and the despair.  

I tried everything and felt like a failure.  

I believed my future was going to be short lived and unhealthy.

I thought that I was just meant to be a big person.

What if I told you that you can make all those problems and worries disappear? 

That I can guide you and show you how to make changes to lose weight and reverse weight related health issues?

That you will learn what to eat to lose weight.  You won't be hungry and cravings will be a thing of the past.  

You will also learn how to switch off the negative, to stop the self-sabotage and make lasting change.

And would you believe me if I told you that you deserve to have nice things?  

Because you do. 

You deserve to look and feel better.

And I need you to know these things are possible. 

You deserve to live a long and pain free, happy life.

We are NOT destined to be overweight and sick, especially as we age.  

Don’t give up hope.

On this program, you will lose weight and you will regain everything!

Here's how:

  • Nutrition

    Use nutrition to support your weight loss goals. You will be shown what a properly prepared nutrient dense real whole food diet looks like and personalised for you. Food choices will be simple, enjoyable and nourishing

  • Exercise

    Delete the guilt and know why exercise is NOT necessary to lose weight. You will lose weight on this program and not have to exercise to achieve that, making this one less thing to worry about

  • Mindset

    Learn strategies to love yourself more and improve your mental wellbeing and how to cope when life gets in the way. Learn to manage emotions and comfort yourself without using food. You will be your number one champion and fight for yourself

  • Support

    Work through this program at your own pace and know you will be supported, guided and have access to a safe private community. You will also have the opportunity to arrange a 1:1 consultation with Pauline if you need that extra boost of support and guidance

  • Hope

    You will make strides in restoring faith in yourself. You will take charge of your health and well-being and turn things around, it’s never too late. You will know that you can succeed and believe that you can do hard things and benefit from making your health and happiness a priority

  • Control

    You will be in the driver's seat - 100%. Unlike mainstream diet corporations and meal replacements or pre-packaged meals, you will learn about nutrition and what your body needs. You will make, informed choices about what you are putting in your body and how to operate optimally

This program includes:

  • 6 comprehensive modules

  • 6 downloadable and interactive workbooks

  • 40 videos - over 8 hours video content

  • Downloadable interactive worksheets and templates: • Daily Weight Tracker • Monthly Measurement Tracker • Food Plan and Shopping List • Meal Planning Matrix • Mindful Food and Mood Journal • Why I Want to Lose Weight worksheet • Final Checklist to ensure you are set up to succeed

  • Printable motivations and affirmations sheets

  • Access to private and safe community

  • 7 days x 3 meals - Easy start meal plans

  • BONUS - recipe book

Program Preview

Module 1: Welcome and Overview

Preview lesson from Module 1

Ready to take control?

Ready to change your life?

Program curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Introduction

    • Welcome and Overview

    • Program Overview

    • WORKBOOK: Module 1 - Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Message Of Hope

    • Who Are You?

    • How Well Do You Know Yourself?

    • Join the Facebook Group: Weight Loss & Healthy Living - Next Stop Happy

    • Join Next Stop Happy Private Community

  • 2

    Module 2: Program Preparation

    • WORKBOOK: Module 2 - Program Preparation

    • Program Preparation

    • Ketosis and More

    • Tools for success - part 1

    • Body Fat Calculator

    • Tools for success - part 2

    • Daily Weight Tracker

    • Monthly Measurement Tracker

    • Daily Weight and Monthly Measurement Trackers - Instructions

    • Download Cronometer

    • Help with Cronometer

  • 3

    Module 3: Step 1

    • WORKBOOK: Module 3 - Step 1

    • Is this safe?

    • Macros, what are they? Part 1

    • Macros, what are they? Part 2

    • Your macros

    • Macro calculator

  • 4

    Module 4: Step 2

    • WORKBOOK: Module 4 - Step 2

    • Choose nutrient dense properly prepared real whole food

    • Food Plan and Shopping List

    • Food plan and shopping list

    • What is properly prepared?

    • Meal Planning Matrix

    • How to plan to eat to your macros - part 1

    • How to plan and eat to your macros - part 2

    • Easy Start Meal Plans - 7 Days

    • Instructions: Easy start meal plans - 7 days

    • Snacking and treats

    • Nuts, seeds, dairy, alcohol and hydration

    • Electrolytes

  • 5

    Module 5: Step 3

    • WORKBOOK: Module 5 - Step 3

    • Cheat meals and cheat days

    • Planning for success

    • When things go wrong

    • Cravings

    • Stalling, plateau, intermittent fasting

    • Exercising and how long to do this program

  • 6

    Module 6: Mind Over Matter

    • WORKBOOK: Module 6 - Mind Over Matter

    • Mind over matter

    • Head hunger vs stomach hunger

    • The benefits of a mindful food and mood journal

    • Mindful Food and Mood Journal

    • Goals, visualisation and reflection

    • Do you know why?

    • Why I Want To Lose Weight

    • Making peace with yourself - part 1

    • Making peace with yourself - part 2

    • Making peace with yourself - part 3

    • Best friend mirror exercise

    • Quick daily mirror work, self affirmations

    • Mantras and Affirmations

    • Final checklist and farewell

    • Checklist

    • EXTRA SUPPORT - book some time with Pauline

    • Reminder: Join Next Stop Happy Private Community

    • Feedback Form

  • 7


    • Bonus - Next Stop Happy Recipe Book

Meet your Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Pauline Atchison

Hello! These days I’m all about a properly prepared, nutrient dense whole food diet. After decades of yo-yo dieting, disordered eating and dieting myself into morbid obesity, I changed the way I think about food and the types of food I consume. As a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am a paraprofessional trained to evaluate a client’s nutritional needs, support normal function and identify nutritional deficiencies. I've been where you are right now. Not only have I lost weight (60kg/132lb) and regained my health, I've kept it off for over five years. My weight loss wasn't just a quick fad diet. I didn't lose weight and only enjoy it for five minutes, like I used to. This is my way of life. A life free from hunger, cravings, inflammation and despair. My tagline is Look Good, Feel Great, Live Freely because these are the things that happened to me when I lost weight. I can help you get off the merry go round, your next stop can be healthy and happy.

What People Are Saying About Pauline

The best thing I've done

Kirsty M

I was slowly putting on weight every year and I didn’t know why because I didn’t think I was very much of a big eater. Pauline helped me with my diet by explaining what was happening with the foods I was eating and how I could make changes. I’ve tried new foods and enjoy them, and best of all the weight just dropped off. I can’t thank her enough.

So happy with my results

Lenita C

I’ve struggled for a long time with my weight and not being able to stick to a diet. Knowing that Pauline has walked in my shoes gives me the confidence to keep going. Her strategies are helping me to stop sabotaging myself. I'm on my weight loss journey and I'm hopeful for my future.

My new way of life

Jack A

My mates are flogging themselves in the gym, are hungry and not building muscle. Pauline gave me macros and a plan and I’m quietly getting ripped and losing fat. I’ve lost 30kgs/66lbs so far and thinking about joining a footy team for the first time ever.

Not ready?

It's perfectly okay to sit, think and ponder. In the meantime, leave your email address if you'd like to stay in contact.